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Barcelona restaurantsRestaurante Can Fabes
(Sant Celoni)
Sant Joan6
Tel. 938 672 851Just a 50 km. drive away from Barcelona, Can Fabes is considered to be one ofBarcelona's two top restaurants (the other is San Pau, see below). Underthe solid leadership of Santi Santamaría, one of Europe's number one chefs,and set in his childhood home, Can Fabes offers customers the opportunity to continuetheir experience of elegance and style all night long, with five suites (from180-280 euros per night) providing luxury accommodation to guests unwilling toconclude their magical experience so soon.
We recommend the menú degustación,which gives you a taste of sublime inventions created by this culinary geniusSantamaría.

Restaurante San Pau Sant Pol de Mar
Nou, 10
Tel. 937 600 662

Atlong last women chefs are starting to enter the elite club of Catalan cuisine(see Restaurante Hispania below), and Carme Ruscadella is the best example. Oneof Spain's top and most international women chefs, her restaurant San Pau is setin a villa overlooking the sea and is a perfect example of how to create uniquedishes by combining her imagination with traditional Catalan ingredients. Carmerecently opened a second San Pau restaurant in Tokyo. If you are lucky to visiteither, order a menú de degustación with storyboard included.Restaurante El Raco d´en Freixa
Sant Elies,22
Tel. 932 097 559RamonFreixa, another top chef, leads this restaurant and if you want to try one ofBarcelona's elite establishments, this is probably the best as far as the price:qualityratio is concerned. Freixa's speciality is blending modern cooking techniqueswith traditional Catalan cooking, and the result is a selection of marvelloustastes and inventions. Leave room if you can to try some varieties of the exceptionalcheese board at the end of your meal. Once again, we recommend the menúdegustación which costs 65 euros.Restaurante Neichel
Beltrán i Rozpide 1-5,Tel. 932 038 408.Oneof Barcelona's classics, Jean Louis Neichel manages to combine Mediterranean traditionwith French innovation, and he does so with great style. Very professional serviceand excellent deserts.Restaurante Via Veneto
Ganduxer 10,
Tel. 932007 244Foryears Via Veneto has been one of Barcelona's best known and most reliable restaurants.Attentive service, a wonderful wine-list and a reputation for using first-qualitymaterials to create imaginative dishes.Restaurante Hispania (Arenys de Mar)
Real, 54,
Tel. 912 108 84042km from Barcelona centre, this restaurant is one of Barcelona's most prestigiousand consolidated establishments. Also, it is quite a relief to find a relativelynormal, if high-class, restaurant, serving good quality dishes with normal names.Run by two sisters who transformed a typical road-side bar into what is now consideredto be one of Spain's finest restaurants serving typical Catalan food.Restaurante Drolma
Paseo de Gracia 68 -70, HotelMajestic,
Tel. 934 967 710Peoplelooking for sophistication and luxury should try this restaurant set in one ofBarcelona's best hotels, el Hotel Majestic (seehotels in Barcelona). The menu is short, offering classical dishes andis accompanied once again by an outstanding wine list.

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